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The Republic of Congo

The Republic of the Congo (also known as Congo-Brazzaville) is located in central Africa and shares a border with Gabon, Cameroon, CAR, DR Congo and the Cabinda Province. Civil wars and unrest have plagued the country, which has caused the displacement of 81,000 people. It is a highly urbanised nation with the majority of the population living in the 2 largest cities, Brazzaville and Pointe-Noir.

The Republic of Congo is endowed with vast hydrocarbon reserves and significant mining resources.

President: Denis Sassou Nguesso

Capital: Brazzaville

Population: 5 million

Religion: Christianity, Indigenous beliefs

Languages: French, Indigenous languages

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Vision 2025

Under Vision 2025, The Republic of Congo aims to become an emerging country by 2025. It aims to do this through:

  • Governance, with the objective to strengthen participatory and inclusive democracy  to promote the rule of law and peace to which Congo aspires
  • Transformation of the economy, to intensify economic activities in order to accelerate growth and promote job creation
  • Development of economic and social infrastructure through reform programs and investment programs that seek to provide for physical(transportation) or virtual (telecommunications) connections to domestic markets, regional and global economy.
  • Social development seeks to strengthen and develop human resources as well as to improve the ability of groups, including the most vulnerable groups to contribute to growth and profit from it.
  • Various dimensions of balanced development that is sustainable and thus enduring, through better-balanced development in the country’s different departments and between urban and rural areas