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The Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares a border with Cameroon, Benin, Niger and Chad. It is the economic powerhouse of West Africa and accounts for nearly 50% of the region’s populations. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and home to one of the world’s largest youth population.

Rich in natural resources, Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil exporter with the largest gas reserves on the continent.

President: Muhammadu Buhari.

Capital: Abuja.

Population: 190 million.

Religion: Christianity, Islam.

Languages: English, Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa.

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Nigeria Vision 20:2020

Nigeria Vision 20:2020 is a national effort aimed at growing and developing Nigeria, Africas most populous nation and bringing her to the league of the world’s 20 leading economies by the year 2020.

The Vision emphasizes the maximum use of available resources and suggests ways of overcoming the challenges of implementation.