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Africa’s oldest republic, the Republic of Liberia is located on the Western coast of Africa. It shares a border with Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Guinea. Originally founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Liberia is now predominantly inhabited by indigenous Africans. In the 1990s civil war broke out in Liberia and resulted in the death of 250,000 Liberians and the destruction of the country. Liberia suffered a further setback with the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

President: George Weah

Capital: Monrovia

Population: 2.3 million

Religion: Christianity, Islam

Languages: English, indigenous languages


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Liberia Vision 2030 and the Agenda for Transformation

The Agenda for Transformation is the first step toward achieving the goals set out in Liberia Rising 2030, Liberia’s long-term vision of socio-economic and political transformation and development. The Agenda sets out specific goals and objectives that Liberia must achieve in the next five years, moving toward a more prosperous and inclusive society. The Agenda for Transformation is consistent with the principles of the Paris Declaration, the Accra Agenda for Action and the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States.