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The Kingdom of Lesotho is an enclaved country entirely surrounded by South Africa. It is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a king as the head of state. Classified as lower-middle income, Lesotho is mountainous with limited natural resources which has forced thousands of workers to find better job opportunities in South Africa.

Head of State: King Letsie lll

Capital: Maseru

Population: 2.3 million

Religion: Christianity

Languages: English, Sesotho

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Lesotho Vision 2020

Lesotho’s Vision 2020 is a vision to provide a long-term perspective within which national short to medium-term plans could be formulated and implemented. It identifies seven pillars of development. These are democracy, unity, peace, education and training, economic growth, management of the environment, and advancement in technology. These pillars are key components of the vision statement.