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The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It shares a border with Libya, Nigeria, Niger, Sudan, Cameroon and CAR. Its post-colonial history has been marked by instability and civil unrest between different ethnic groups. The impacts of desertification caused by climate change are adding to the existing challenges as are conflicts in neighbouring countries. Chad became an oil producing country in 2003, however poverty is rife and social conditions are considerably worse than other African nations.


President: Idriss Deby

Prime Minister: Albert Padacke

Capital: N’Djamena

Population: 11.5 million

Religion: Islam, Christianity

Languages: French, Arabic

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Vision 2030 – The Chad we want

Vision 2030’s key objective is to make Chad an emerging country by 2030. It is comprised of 3 national plans (NDP 2017-2021, NDP 2022-2026 and NDP 2027-2030). These aim to accelerate structural transformation in society, governance and the rule of law, the economy and the environment