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Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. It shares a border with Mali, Niger, Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo. The country’s administrative organisation is structured around 13 regions, 45 provinces and 351 communes. Burkina Faso is a low-income country, which, with the exception of gold and cotton has limited natural resources. The country is dependent on agriculture with nearly 80% of the population employed in the sector.

President: Allasane Balla Sakande

Capital: Ouagadougou

Population: 18 million

Religion: Christianity, Islam

Languages: French, indigenous languages


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National Plan for Economic and Social Development – PNDES

The PNDES, through the transformation of the economy, aims to accelerate strong, sustainable and inclusive growth. It is in keeping with the Presidential Programme which seeks to “Build, along with the people, a country of democracy, economic and social progress, freedom and justice.”