The Africa Policy Review is a media platform dedicated to Africa’s development agenda.

Through news, analysis and business intelligence, we offer unique insights into the policies and issues and shaping social, economic and institutional growth in Africa. Our aim is to inform and connect the policymakers and practitioners, development experts, industry stakeholders and academic institutions who are providing strategic leadership and solutions.

The Africa Policy Review provides a sector-by-sector analysis of the priority development areas encompassed in the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the United Nation’s Post-15 SDGs. Long-term growth strategies that move away from dependency on aid, towards industry, trade and investment, regional integration and mutual cooperation are explored alongside policy measures and priority actions.


· Structural economic transformation and inclusive growth

· Governance, public sector reform and administration

· Science, technology and innovation

· Environmental sustainability and natural resources management

· Education

· Healthcare

· Sustainable agriculture and food security

· Infrastructure development