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Celebrated African women hope to inspire girls to narrow gender gap

By Kieran Guilbert | 04-17-2017

Celebrating successful African women in fields ranging from politics and business to agriculture and the arts could inspire girls across the continent to strive towards closing the gender gap, winners of the New African Woman Awards said on Thursday. Twelve women from Mali, Morocco and Zimbabwe among other countries, were honoured at the ceremony hosted … Continue reading “Celebrated African women hope to inspire girls to narrow gender gap”


Beyond light, solar startup seeks to plugin rural homes in Africa

By Kieran Guilbert | 04-10-2017

Access to off-grid solar energy in rural areas of Africa goes beyond lighting up homes, it also enables people to connect to the wider world and boosts their economic prospects, said the head of one of the continent’s biggest solar companies. Azuri Technologies’ entry level solar system – for which customers pay a one-off installation … Continue reading “Beyond light, solar startup seeks to plugin rural homes in Africa”


Governments must recognise wastewater as resource – U.N.

By Magdalena Mis | 03-22-2017

Wastewater from households, industries and agriculture should not be seen as a problem but a valuable resource which could help meet the demands for water, energy and nutrients from a growing global population, a U.N. water expert said. Globally, more than 80 percent of wastewater is released into rivers and lakes without treatment with a … Continue reading “Governments must recognise wastewater as resource – U.N.”


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