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Governments must recognise wastewater as resource – U.N.

By Magdalena Mis | 03-22-2017

Wastewater from households, industries and agriculture should not be seen as a problem but a valuable resource which could help meet the demands for water, energy and nutrients from a growing global population, a U.N. water expert said. Globally, more than 80 percent of wastewater is released into rivers and lakes without treatment with a … Continue reading “Governments must recognise wastewater as resource – U.N.”


Aid workers in famine-hit South Sudan should not pay $10,000 to help, says UN

By Daniel Wesangula | 03-14-2017

Aid workers in South Sudan should be exempt from a 100-fold hike in work permit fees so they can respond to famine in the country, the United Nations said as humanitarian agencies struggle to reach those in need amid fighting and looting. The world’s youngest nation, which relies on international aid to feed a third … Continue reading “Aid workers in famine-hit South Sudan should not pay $10,000 to help, says UN”


Death toll in Ethiopian garbage dump land-slide rises to 65

By Aaron Maasho | 

Parents scrabbled through a towering pile of fetid garbage on Monday, screaming the names of children buried when a mountain of trash collapsed on makeshift homes and killed at least 65 people. “My babies, my babies, my little daughter,” cried one man wandering through the garbage dump in the Ethiopian capital, tears streaming down his … Continue reading “Death toll in Ethiopian garbage dump land-slide rises to 65”


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